Tefeca Stripe Pattern Stretch Elastic Apple Watch Band 38mm 42mm - ES

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Tefeca Apple Watch Stripe Pattern Elastic Band 38mm 42mm,Stretch Elastic Watch Band-ES

Hand made with high quality soft elastic band .

No bulk, no buckle, no snagging and no scratching, fit your everyday needs--comfortably into the shape of your wrist.

Soft and lightweight, it's perfect for all-day wear.

Like all Apple Watch bands, you can match this band with any Apple Watch case of the same size.

(Apple watch is not included)

Choose your band size: Please take a moment to measure your wrist before ordering , Use a thin string or floss to wrap around your wrist. Butt the ends up then cut or mark the string with no gap, overlap nor slack. Then place it on a ruler for your measurement.  A thin soft cloth measuring tape works too.

S1 Fits 135-145mm wrists

S2 Fits 146-155mm wrists

S3 Fits 156-165mm wrists

M1 Fits 166-175mm wrists

M2 Fits 176-185mm wrists

M3 Fits 186-195mm wrists

L    Fits 196-205mm wrists